Created With Passion

At Southwestern Ornamental Concrete in Charing Cross, ON, we are proud of the fine workmanship that takes place behind each one of our creations. We craft every edge with utmost precision and add the ideal blend of colors and elements to produce world-class ornaments.

We also have a special line of featured pieces that are spread into 3 categories – Mystical, Planters, and Animals. These ornaments are widely popular among our customers and will bring a huge amount of excitement to your garden. Check them out below!

Mystical creatures and characters


We don’t know anyone who isn’t fascinated by the world of dragons and the archaic land of witches and sorcerers. Unleash your inner child and bring your fantasies to life with our selection of dragons, gargoyles, wizards, and other magical characters.

Southwestern Ornamental Concrete Planter


Believe it or not, our company also caters to your gardening and botanical needs. Come over and see our large assortment of flower pots. They come in various sizes and you have the option of customizing their colors.

Southwestern Ornamental Concrete Ornaments


Visit our concrete jungle that has all your favorite pets and wild animals. If there’s one thing we’re proud of, it’s that our selection is even wider than your local zoo’s! From birds to wolves, we have a complete A-Z roster of your beloved beasts and critters.

Improve your lawn’s aesthetic appeal by bringing home one of our premium ornamental creations. Call or email us today!