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Southwestern Ornamental Concrete

If you’re renovating your backyard or getting a new house, look no further for your landscape accessory needs. Since 1997, Southwestern Ornamental Concrete has been manufacturing a variety of distinct ornamental concrete to complement your garden.

Located in Charing Cross, just outside of Chatham, ON, we produce all items onsite to ensure that they are durable enough to withstand the Canadian winter season. Our products are long-lasting, and you can also customize orders such as choosing different colors.

We can say that our business started with passion, and was eventually translated into concrete action. Ornamental handiwork was already a hobby for us back then, and we decided to turn it into a family business.

If you’re looking for something specific, we have hundreds of choices on location, all belonging to a wide variety of themes. Do you have a specific item for someone special? We hand craft and custom paint to order. We sell retail and wholesale.

You can bring home something unique as we have an enormous inventory featuring over 1000 different pieces. We take pride in the diversity of our product selection since you won’t find these anywhere else.

Every piece is exquisitely handcrafted because we strive to maintain excellent standards in everything we produce. Also, our prices are highly competitive which means you’ll be receiving tremendous value with every purchase.


Southwestern Ornamental Concrete
RR1 21126 Bloomfield Road
Charing Cross, ON N0P1G0

Phone: 519-351-2696
Email: swoconcrete@yahoo.ca

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We primarily serve all surrounding areas, and we accept both retail and wholesale orders. For payment options, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, debit cards, and cash.

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